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quote . president obama's dis dream. is it a solid strategy or wishful thinking? welcome to the journal editorial report i'm stuart varney in for paul gig -- paul gigot. with april 15th fast approaching millions are if you think you are paying a lot now wait until next year.
and his new biography of president obama called "the bridge: the life and rise of barack obama." >> and why is a place that prides itself of being the multicultural center, but it's multicultural without black people, for the most part. most of the african americans in hawaii live on naval bases, on army bases. so obama is an adolescent and he's black and he's in a high school that is incredibly lush. it's like andover on the sea, xelter on the sea, and he is surrounded by asian kids and white kids and so on, but he wants to learn how to become african american. he has to learn it. that's fairly uncommon. >> rose: remnick for the hour. next. ♪ if you've had a coke in the last 20 years, ( screams ) you've had a hand in giving college scholarships... and support to thousands of our nation's... most promising students. ♪ ( coca-cola 5-note mnemonic ) captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: david remnick is here. he is, as you know, the editor of the "new yorker" magazine and a pulitzer prize winning author.
of connection of wisdom that was propounded by the obama operation was from the very beginning from the time obama got into the race to the very end the question of race, his race, was something they didn't think about, it wasn't factored into his decision to run. they didn't talk about it during the campaign. that was one of the things they said over and over again after his election. and throughout the book book, "game change," we talk about how much they were upset with race as a political factor. we talk about how in the full campaign against campaign again mccain, and after at after to add. they thought were the kind of as the mccain campaign will going to run against him that would be racially, had a response to that. been as kind of topic a in some ways. to more quickly -- >> before you do, let me show you that part of the book where you talk about that. you say whether cash campaign was coming up with negative ads on the fly, the well-heeled obama were running a stealthy high-tech lab to discover which attacks are most days and to develop responses. >> i will stay with that. i think
, on booktv's in-depth, television analyst, author and columnist and three >> in his book "obama zombies," jason mattera says that the liberal media brainwashed people under the annual of 30 to vote for president obama. he spoke on "washington journal" for about 40 minutes. >> jason mattera joins us this morning. his new book is "obama zombies: how the liberal machine brainwashed my generation." what is an obama zombie? >> guest: well, it's any individual who places president obama on a pedestal during the 2008 campaign although the election of this man meant ipods would drop down and melt away their student loans. and now they're paying the price big time. and that's why i wanted to write it to set the record straight. >> host: is it just -- you're talking about young people. what about the total of people who voted for him? do you think anybody who voted for obama is a obama zombie? >> predominantly young people because if you look at the margin of victory that he carried amongst voters 18 to 29 it was the largest age demographic shift in american history. john mccain lost the youth to
is "obama zombies" how the liberal machine brainwashed my generation." >> guest: any individual who puts obama's on this bus all -- genl the way the problems forever people got wrapped up in the marketing machine of 15 obama and now they are paying the price big time. that is what i wanted to write to set the record straight. >> host: talking about young people what about the total who voted? you think anybody who can voted for him is a "obama zombies"? >> predominantly young people with you look at the margin of victory that he has among voters 18 through 29 largest age demographic shift in american history. 40 points and some swing states like indiana, north carolina and florida the youth vote predominantly carried barack obama. many young people, the fact that barack obama gave them a dave matthews ticket or at some ohio concert or jay-z. he hoped to meet up with concert tickets is the "obama zombies." >> host: who you describe as the obama's on the if you ask how they deal with the of ministration has done had they delivered on what they have done what would the answer back be? >> th
are, where we are going, and to raise the question whether or not barack obama is this transformative leadership that we need or is it more reactionary and transactional. robert read the first chapter but his grandmother. i'm going to read from the last chapter which is about a young man named lee alexander, south africa, young south african, 28, and he married a young african-american woman from chicago. and he -- this chapter begins basically when barack obama is about to accept denver and there is a crowd of people, about ten people mostly black but not all, some blacks and whites, some arab and we are watching television as barack obama takes the stage and this young man, wheat, is watching and everyone else is sort of celebrate -- the ret in celebration, and lee is looking with his head between -- he's on his knees looking pensive almost like she's worried and i describe this leader in the conversation about this moment and why he was looking so peacefully -- pensively and i will store reading from here. materially very little has changed for his black countrymen since beijing qu
. there's so much more to be concerned about. the irony of this book and barack obama is that at the time we appoint this black president we are black people, more isolated from the mainstream from our neighbors than ever at any point in the history of america when you think about jim-crow is gone which in some ways to deliver on how far we could go and now we have incredible distance between wealthy african-americans and everybody else which is true of the entire country and that is unsustainable. that is how the communities and people collapse so i'm just kind of agnostic on the census issue. >> after we take your question why don't we in power women and see if any have a question. [laughter] [inaudible] >> ibm willy parker and i grew up in alabama so the deep south [inaudible] to respond to two things. you sit in the book there's a wide variety of opinions for people in african comerica and community. would you consider that a demonstration of the fact that the notion of the leadership in one charismatic to lead people from the promised land the failure of president obama luft any sign
in the book we talk about early in chicago shorty after barack obama was elected and they went on dustin on strike because they won on getting their wages and basically they were -- the plant closed, windows and doors, and there were not going to give their wages. this was mostly latinos but latinos and blacks had been to get branded to be a good day strike. it was on television and obama to his credit played a big role urging them on because he came on television and said he supported the strikers and one of the july of reporting this book is one of the things i discovered was that one of the earliest forms of the union organizing was black women on the plantation, the sleeps plantation, they would organize a sit-down strike or just stop work to get a sunday off or be able to visit their relatives on a plantation. and to this day of course if you talk to the sort of a union avoidance lawyers they will tell you the person they fear the most, black women because they are the most likely to join a union so this is true with every demographic but especially us. so the only thing we have to
of the obama presidency on making realized gains in the community, and i believe that one of the reasons why some of the gains may not have been realized is because of the lack of sophistication of african-americans as a collective organized political unit, so for example, i believe barack obama is the first president that likes the base. he doesn't have the base because mainly to of the groups were responsible for the election were african americans and young people and both of these groups have not traditionally been in the power structure of america therefore we are not used to holding elected leaders accountable or are not as good as you would say conservative evangelical movement. i think this impacts obama's ability to impact of these groups in the sense that because he doesn't have his base it's hard for him to have the constructs that informs his decision making because obviously his construct doesn't aligned with african-americans political community as you can tell by the congressional black caucus lack of ability to sway his agenda so i just want to get your reaction to that while
it raises the question of what is -- people talk about how smart barack obama is and i never met him. i have no idea, but the first thing he did on the health care debate was to take single payer health care of the table. what good does that do? the employee free choice act for instance which we talk about in the chapter of the labor unions. this is something that really is as was originally offered was probably the most progressive piece of legislation in 50 years, and what it could have done was to strengthen labor unions and strengthen the democratic base. poll after poll shows most people to join labor unions. why would you not pass that piece of legislation, which would not just sort of strength and workers and their ability to sort of make a living and raise their family and contribute to the economy, which is actually what is wrong with the economy, but to also contribute your main base. .. you called call that a failed state. i have the opposite view. [inaudible] about race and a diverse society [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] in the sense of the polls that you are looking at and
for president obama. >> is this just the dirty reality of politics? >> news of a back room deal. >> all those back room deals, it's just wrong and we can do better. >> there was a wake-up call that president obama wasn't everything that they thought he was. >> the president has staked his entire first term on this. >> there's always two sides of obama. you have to lift up people, but at the end of the day, it is about deal-making. >> tonight on frontline, "obama's deal." >> what's at stake right now is not just our ability to solve this problem, but our ability to solve any problem. >> it's the inauguration day of the nation's first african american president. >> narrator: barack obama had promised change. >> he spoke of no less than remaking america. >> narrator: his signature issue: universal health care. >> in this effort, every voice has to be heard. >> this is a huge issue the president is taking on now. >> every idea must be considered. >> everybody loves the idea of health care reform. >> every option must be on the table. there should be no sacred cows. >> the question is, could healt
on all the road closures, go to the website. >>> president obama has been in office less than two years, and now, he will have to nominate another supreme court justice after john paul stevens says he will retire after this summer. he turns 19 later this month. the names being tossed around includes the solicitor general elena kagan and a judge. here with us is a congressional reporter for politico. let's start with justice stevens. he is known as the liberal lion of the court. this is an opportunity for obama to find a replacement. what is the likelihood of a obama choosing outside of that? >> obama faces a challenge because it is now a midterm election year. he is a lawyer by training by background. he went to harvard law school. he may not want to overreach. >> what is he looking for in a replacement? >> i think he is looking for someone who can beat a leader in the way justice stevens has been to gather the four or five votes of the liberal wing and hold them together but also someone who has a proven record but not so much detail and so much controversy that they're going to cause
that obama promised to do was to change politics and change the highly partisan politics that we've witnessed since clinton and newt gingrich. he's been able able to do that, as you know. and the opposition party the republicans, have not supported his economic program and have not supported health care. and they have successfully roused they're fateful angle another and that's produced from the liberal side of the democratic party. so there is a lot of that hostility out there. but when it breaks over the line into an illegal activity i think the american people will step back and say, hold on. that's enough. one of the failures so far of the an obama administration has been to change the mood in america. the fact of the matter is that congress is not a representative institution. it over presents the members of congress in the house and senate, over presents the ideological extremes of each of the party. and unfortunately what you're talking about the tea party and revolt, seems to suggest that situation i was going to call a disease, has now spread and infected some of the population. i th
obama has a new nuclear policy i think ties america's hands and leaves us more vulnerable. i can't figure it out. then the s.e.c. fighting to control the internet with net-neutrality. the good news is the u.s. court of appeal ruled the s.e.c. lacks the authority to provide broadband providers to give equal treatment to all internet traffic but the s.e.c. says that's all right. we got another way of doing it. we'll just regulate it like a utility. i can't tell you what is happening in america anymore. i just know framework is being rebuilt. i want to show you something here on the chalkboard. we all know that our country is having problems. we know there is trouble. our house, it's a good house. it's a good house. but it's having real problems. if you are going to restore a home, as somebody who lived in connecticut and tried to restore a home, you better be careful on who you hire. because are you going to tear it down or restore it? what are you going to do? who are the architects? who are the contractors you're hiring to fix that up? tonight, i need to answer that question with
: president obama turns to the political censure and goes to afghanistan. he oks offshoreri dlling to focus on oil security and orders a high-level commission to attack deficits. to all obama's moves share the advantage of cutting off republicans. so critics can't call him a big spending, tree-hugging soft on terror type? finally, no time for prime time? . has been nine months since the president took questions from the press, not since he wdalke into the professor gates' mess. is barack obama barack obama trying to avoid the danger zone? welcome to the show. norah o'donnell, chief white house correspondent. chuck todd is co-host of "the daily run down." helene cooper from the "new york times" and david ignasheyuss, a columnist. -- ignasheyuss. president obama moved to the center, those moves toward the center may not be motivated but they have a political upside. they preempt republican attacks when he runs for re-election. first, offshore drilling pro text obama. he favors the environment in the way that george bush ridiculed jal gore. >> this guy is so faur off on the environmental extre
home victory on health, enesidt obama ram rods a major scene shift on the world stage, going pro-active on mideast peace. and going south -- whats it for this praise for the con federacy in virginia? do republicans have a new southern strategy? hi, i'm chris matthews. catty kay, dan rather, heelen cooper and davidition -- ignatius with me. first up, president obama has a supreme court pick to make and washington's got a hot new debate to be -- topic. just -- justice john paul stevens has been the linchpin on the supreme court and finding the right person to replace him -- dan, a place to make history. will he go for it? >> he'll go for it. knowing the republicans will fight it to the last. we have to understand stevens hasn't been just one of nine. this is a historic figure. much seniority he has. seniority is huge in this issue. and the third thing to keep in mind is the modern history of the court has been each time the court has an appointee, the appointee is the -- to the right of the person sher succeeding and whomever he appoints will be to the right of stevens. chris: wow.
. what's your policy? >>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," president obama will have another chance to reshape the supreme court. today, justice john paul stevens made it official, this court's longest serving justice will be resigning at the end of this term. will the president be able to avoid a battle? >>> this hour, pete williams, savannah guthrie and david remmic of "the new yorker." and the president is returning to the white house shortly in just a few minutes to speak on the west virginia mine tragedy and retirement. the latest on the president's upcoming nuclear summit from madeleine albright and bart stupak will be retiring from congress. is that a victory from sarah palin and the tea partiers? palin speaking live in new orleans a half hour from now. with their take on the republican leadership in the big easy, we'll have right here, bob shrum and patrick buchanan. >>> justice stevens announced his retirement in a letter to president obama. chief justice john roberts issued a statement saying that stevens quote, has enriched the lives of everyone at the court throug
is credible, what makes incredible? president obama speaks of many things and why things are credible. i would like to know, if he is critical, -- credible, and 1 cents. i did not see him as a credible partner at all. i do not think he is a true person are good for his word. host: what is the most distinctive thing about him not being a credible partner. what does he have to get right for him to be credible partner? caller: i think he has to stay on target. many people don't. he have to stop -- has to stay on target. what is his purpose? i would like to know if he is going to go side by side with president obama, like he says, or if he is running independently. if he wants to have a partner then he needs to speak up and say what he needs. host: a question this morning. is president karzai a credible partner for the u.s. in afghanistan? some financial news from "the financial times." the front page of of the "the financial times," they write that -- all so they write about a series of witnesses and hearings coming up this week on a financial crisis, and we will be covering some of this later th
islamic extremism. >> the obama administration reportedly bans another war on terror term. in an effort to appease the muslim world. we'll have a heated debate about the policy shift. >> if you were fired up in the last election, i need you more fired up in this election. >> will a campaign stop by president obama actually hurt democrats in the midterm election? the white house is mapping out a strategy. >> we're done being servants to an unrighteous cause and this flag is no longer my master. >> the hateful antiwar protest in washington, d.c. barely gets a mention from the mainstream media. bernie goldberg will analyze. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> laura: hi everyone, i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. the war on terror name game. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the associated press is reporting that the administration is currently rewriting the national security strategy. now that's a foreign policy document for the united states. after 9/11, the bu
in our audience and on the web, two years ago obama gave an important speech right here at the center. we followed it up with this discussion. how did we do? [applause] let's thank our panelists, dr. lomax, professor sugrue, dr. king, gwen ifill. by the way, you can stay and gwen will sign copies of her book. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] cable satellite corp. 2010] >> coming up, cut -- several experts in nuclear security talk about president obama as upcoming trip to prague. and the irs commissioner on his role in collecting tax revenues. after that, a discussion on conservatism and the global economy. tomorrow on "washington journal," a discussion on how massachusetts was used as a model for national health care legislation with the massachusetts health and human services secretary. a look at anti-government militias in the u.s. with marked potok third we will also check with joe and lublin of the "wall street journal" about a survey taken nuncio's about pay and perks. tuesday, a discussion on federal ove
of a messianic figure in barack obama and in the last 30 years in some ways is emblematic of just the sort of polarizing the%class divisions that erupted really in the last 40 years in our community. and so what you have are people who are -- who are more and more distanced from working class people.gxg and the concerns of working class people. i mean, i don't want to get too esoteric. there's this theory -- and we talk about these factory workers in chicago. and these are -- these are essentially -- there's this -- when they wanted to -- decide they were going to strike, they were arguing should they strike and have a sitdown strike, basically the discussion came down to whether or not mexicans be most of whom who came over in the last 10 years most didn't have their papers to be honest would they be deported and the blacks many of whom had previous arrests, would they be arrested? and at the end they just said, screw it. if we're deported we're deported, if we're arrested we're just arrested, whatever. and i think so much of -- when you look -- king, of course, is from a middle class fa
a bit further to discuss obama's foreign policy and tell us what matters for america's future. in the new preface to the next 100 years, mr. friedman writes that when this book was first published, everyone thought we were living in unprecedented times. not only because of the financial crisis but because of the election of barack obama, a president that many predicted would change the political game. only one year ago obama was featured as "time" magazine's person of the year and his campaign of hope was still on the minds of many americans. now admits setbacks on healthcare, the still limping economy and what some view as foreign policy failures, writers, pundits alike are taking swings at obama's first year. some argue that the problems are inherited from the last president who left challenges across-the-board. others say he has spent nearly a year getting it wrong. ... >> his reputation for producing thoughtful and genuinely analysis of international events daily are read by a foreign government agencies and fortune 500 companies. the articles run the gamut from national s
an e-mail. this is what jonathan landay and margaret wright this morning. "president obama will reject the development rejectnew u.s. nuclear weapons and dial back current policy that allows the u.s. to use nuclear weapons in response to attacks by non- nuclear nations." to help us get through little more of this, jonathan landay is on the phone. he is a mcclatchy newspapers senior national security correspondent. good morning. tell us how the administration will role of this policy? guest: i believe that it will be sort of a formal roll out with the president, secretary of state clinton, defense secretary gates, and believe it will be an in-depth briefing on the substance of the review at the pentagon. host: congress requires the administration to release this type of nuclear posture review, is that correct? guest: yes, that is correct. this is the third since 1994. the one done by the clinton administration was not congressionally mandated. but the last two, the one by the bush administration, and this one are congressionally mandated. host: does that mean that congress will take som
. for the obama people to be able to replace the treaty and maintain a significant degree of that the verification is probably the most important achievement from the standpoint of u.s. national security with the treaty. for the russians, the numbers are -- talking over the last decade or so in nuclear circles with the russians, they can talk about getting down to 1000 weapons. that used to be a relatively reasonable proposition. it is interesting how over this negotiation, that seems to be getting to where we are with this treaty was harder than some expected and i think getting to that? that is the one to be harder if we are unwilling to address the strategic relationship and talk about the role of miss self- defense -- of missile defense. also, the role of long-range precision guided conventional munitions. that is what is in the concern about the russian military's strategic planners about where this is going. [inaudible] >> i think we are going to -- if there is no discernible progress on u.n. security council resolutions, we will of course consider other options and the question is which of
at the other end of pennsylvania avenue. it appears that president obama is finally acknowledging how much his political clout has diminished. according to, the president will not commit to helping democrats save his old seat. in that race, democrat ginoulias is trailing in the polls against mark kirk. this prompted a meeting between dick durbin and rahm emanuel last week at the white house. sources familiar with the meeting says it appears that the white house is more comfortable losing the seat than putting the president on the campaign trail. not long after obama mania swept across the country and it appears that the anointed one doesn't have enough pull to win over his old constituents. how things have changed. with reaction to that story and wall street reform and much more is former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. he has a free weekly newsletter and you can sign up for it at how are you? i love seeing you in studio. >> fun to be here. >> sean: you wrote a hard-hitting, incredible piece in the "washington post" today. how america became a
end of pennsylvania avenue. it appears that president obama is finally acknowledging how much his political clout has diminished. according to, the president will not commit to helping democrats save his old seat. in that race, democrat ginoulias is trailing in the polls against mark kirk. this prompted a meeting between dick durbin and rahm emanuel last week at the white house. sources familiar with the meeting says it appears that the white house is more comfortable losing the seat than putting the president on the campaign trail. not long after obama mania swept across the country and it appears that the anointed one doesn't have enough pull to win over his old constituents. how things have changed. with reaction to that story and wall street reform and much more is former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. he has a free weekly newsletter and you can sign up for it at how are you? i love seeing you in studio. >> fun to be here. >> sean: you wrote a hard-hitting, incredible piece in the "washington post" today. how america became a
divide? or does it further divide us? if president obama were to go on television tomorrow night, and said that he has instructed harry reid and nancy pelosi to put together a plan for black america -- >> but for the healthcare bill? he is very ambitious. and that happens to be the answer to your question. no, partly because it would divide rather than bring people together, but mostly because that is not the barack obama is. anyone surprised now that barack obama is not going around with his fist in the air is not paying attention. at no point in his career -- he is a man to a very thoughtful, aggressive, internal search of who he was in no way -- to identify as an african-american man. some people ask me why i do not call him by racial. and i say, well, he calls himself black. that is to he is. but that said, he is not someone who is aoutlin outlier by race. he and other leaders are not those to identify primarily by race. they believe -- and i am not saying this is right or wrong -- if i get a health care bill passed, and african americans suffered disproportionately from lack
cuba a step closer to the free market. hello to you. president obama saying the world will be a safer place thanks to pledges to improve nuclear security at a summit in washington. nearly 50 world leaders attended, and they have agreed on a four-point plan to secure loose nuclear material within four years. mr. obama said the summit would help prevent a nuclear material falling into the wrong hands. closing the summit, the president hailed the efforts of all countries involved. that this was not a day of long speeches or lectures on what other nations must do. we listened to each other with mutual respect. we recognize that while the link countries face different challenges, -- while different countries is design challenges, we have a mutual interest in securing these materials. today is a testament when nations come together to embrace our shared responsibility and confront a shared challenge. this is how we will solve problems and advanced the security of our people in the 21st century, and this is reflected in the communique we had unanimously agreed to today. >> president obama cl
. >> president obama announces major changes in america's nuclear strategy. >> announcing to every regime out there under what circumstances you can do cause? >> a former speaker sounds off. >> the most radical president in american history. has now thrown dn the gauntlet to the american people. >> a new dynamic duo takes center stage. >> two years from now president obama will be a one-term president. >> supreme court justice john paul stevens announces his retirement -- who will present an obama named to replace him? >> virginia had been the capital of confederacy. >> confederacy history month in virginia. wasn't slaver worth a mention? >> slavery was the controlling and central issue and i don't know anyone with historical creance -- credence would differ with that? >> the united states has used nuclear-weapons only twice, against her were she not and nagasaki toward the end of world war ii. afterwards japan surrendered. once we have the bomb the soviets wanted one and the nuclear arms race was on. president obama announced he is reworking america's nuclear strategy, scaling back the role
of the open ocean remains intact. i like obama but i'm not that in to him, lee says leader. yes he is black but i believe he is a white mentality because he was raised in a household with his grand mother this building that ronald reagan garbage. threat least 60 years black south africans and americans have seen in one another their avatar bono's leaves from that country ever land ashore in the united states. jim-crow laws were not very different from apartheid structures. the catechism of the assassinated african-american icon malcolm x was the model for that preached by the assassinated south african icon steve. with mandela and the king the fund inspiration from gandhi and the liberation hero. america's anti-apartheid movement was largely set in motion by black americans like randall robinson and south africa's afrikaners white settlers of dutch and french extraction who initiated the formal part by state or the spending architectural image of america's white southerners both groups invented full-court tales of how the conquer hostel play and and hostile dark skinned people delivering ci
michelle obama es más que un país violento también en méxico otra balacera paraliza 7 muertos. grags allanaron compañía de transporte entre méxico y estados unidos. y el movimiento conservador conocido como... realiza protestas en varias ciudades que contra lo que llaman gobierno gangster. . >>> este es su noticiero univision con jorge ramos y dwes de la ciudad de méxico, maría elena salinas . >>> qué tal, buenas noches la primera dama de estados unidos michelle obama partió de méxico esta tarde luego de una exitosa vista al país vecino y se dirigió a san diego california antes de despedirnos nos entregó una entrevista, comenzamos hablando de la importancia de méxico para los estados unidos han venido delegaciones de alto nivel, el presidente dos veces y ahora ella lo eligió para su primer viaje oficial como primera dama estos nos respondió. >>> las conexiones entre nuestros dos países son ondas y amplias y no se basa solamente en los retos que nos desafían que sí tenemos retos pero tenemos tanto en común nuestros valores una razón por la que me siento bienv
sounding demoralized, some think it is a done deal president obama will get the second nominee confirmed before the fall. perhaps. but here are a few things for conservatives to consider: first, the balance of the court is not going to change since stevens, an activist, will be replaced by another activist. and here is what president obama said today about the qualification he will look for in the new nominee. >> i will seek someone in the coming weeks with similar qualities, an independent mind, a record of excellence, and integrity, a fierce dedication to the rule of law and a keen understanding of how the law affects lives of the american people. second, the confirmation process could be a major boone to republicans, polls showing on climate change and health care, republicans are winning. the public believes the government is out-of-control and we need to get back to personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, and a strong adherence to the constitution. so even if they cannot block an obama nominee they have the opportunity to debate competing views and the constitution, a chance to s
of happiness or don't we? that is the question and the strength with which president obama picks the next supreme court nominee will begin to answer it. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. catch us again monday night at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern. right now it's time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" tonight from minneapolis. these stories are hitting my hot buttons. the onslaught of right wing threats helped michigan congressman bart stupak just say to heck with it, it's over. he throws in the towel. more on that in a moment. >>> and president obama now has a golden opportunity to put a second supreme court justice on the bench. republicans, you know them, they're already talking about a filibuster. >>> and tiger woods has made the cut and is in really good shape to win his fifth green jacket this weekend. willie geist, how did he get this assignment? he's going to be live in augu a augusta. he must have drawn the long straw this week. he'll join us later in the show. >>> this 1 the story that has me fired up tonight. co
y ahora presidente barack obama debe buscar un sustituto >> líderes políticos, denuncia un dramático incremento de crímenes de odio racial en este condado de nueva york y varias ciudades, de estados unidos, protestan contra la practicas migratorio que consideran abusivo y piden a presidente barack obama que detenga las redadas y deportaciónes este es su noticiero jorge ramos y maría helena salinas >> vamos con el noticiero con una decisión que podría cambiar la vida de todos los que vivimos aquí en estados unidos el juez de la corte suprema de justicia, decidió retirarse y ahora el presidente barack obama tiene que buscarle un reemplazo el nuevo juez o jueza, tendrá una enorme influencia desde temas como el aborto, hasta los programas que favorecen a los hispanos, como nos dice lourdes quien se va el juez de mayor edad y el más liberal de la corte >> el magistrado de la corte suprema, john steven, de 89 años y el ju visita, en el tribunal anuncio que se retira al concluir la sesión de verano para que sucesor sea confirmado con amplio tiempo antes del comienzo de la próxim
to individual candidates? caller: if they say what i believe in, i do. i believe personally obama should be impeached host: all right. we will move on to davenport, iowa, on the democratic line. what do you think? caller: yes, i am making political donations, to individual candidates. he started out as a republican. i switched to vote for kennedy. i cannot see any republican we have elected yet to -- we have grassley. he has to go. host: two papers this morning have a piece about the supreme court and whether or not john paul stevens will be announcing his retirement. here is "the new york times" -- it says here that he has to fish or cut bait for his own personal peace of mind, and also in fairness to the process. he has served for nearly 35 years in the supreme court. it is an interview with the reporter from the paper. this morning in "the washington post quoted a also have a piece about john paul stevens, saying that he is making a weighty decision. he acknowledges he told a reporter early last month that he would make a decision in about 30 days, but hoped it was not being treated a
obama stood on this stage and delivered one of the most important speeches of that campaign election. some people would argue one of the most important speeches ever said in america. in that speech the original that he used is now in our core exhibition signed by barack obama. he challenged the american people to face the complexities of race in this country. to acknowledge the racial stalemate we have been stuck in four years. for many citizens, this resonated powerfully. the message that by working together we can move past racial wounds and continue on a path towards a more perfect union. after president obama postelection, the notion of a post-racial america seemed to move towards the forefront of the national consciousness. people ask, is america post- racial? there was a flurry of editorializing from nearly every media outlet. these conversations have continued. the idea of a post-racial america has been framed in many ways, a fallacy, a goal, an open question, but one thing is clear, the historic election of our nation's first african- american president has not taken ask, as
? obama has republicans cornered on reform. can he stay on top in the coming fights? will republicans get gutsier when it comes to fighting him on future energy, on its borders and a finer looking court? and finally, the charge of sedition. joe kleine on this joe indicted sarah palin and glenn beck for stirring anti-government resistance. they didn't like it. chris: i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show catty kay, kelly o'donnell, david ignatius, and andrew sullivan are our guests. first up, obama is back on a roll. running against walt has changed the subject. he's taking on the great wealth and republicans are showing every sign of compromise. now that he's got the spotlight on a winning subject, why is he turning next to immigration? here he was on friday. >> i would note that 11 current republican senators voted to pass immigration reform four years ago, so i'm hopeful that they will join with democrats in doing so again so we can make the progress the american people deserve. >> where does the president see the appetite for attending this new agenda? some critics predicted he would
remnick on his look, "the bridge" the life and rise of barack obama. he was interviewed for a little more than an hour at an event hosted by politics and prose bookstore. [applause] >> this is such a treat for me because david and i are old friends. we worked at "the washington post". you always knew when you wrote a particularly delicious piece of copy because david would send little notes and i still remember that years later. this book was so wonderful to dive into. most people in this room have read much about barack obama. and every chapter you learn new things about him but you will also learn much about this country. when i first talked to you about this it wasn't clear that you were writing a biography so i want you to tell me a little bit as we begin david about the process, how you came to write this particular book. was at the book that you actually plan to write? >> i think it was a less ambitious book and maybe even more focused on the question of race and less biographical but it became clear and researched that the more it became a biography of full-blown, and i had fully e
of opposition across the state. >> greta: the congressman said he wants president obama to fight the new law. arizona state senator pierce joins us live, he sponsored the controversial bill. what provoked or prompted to you sponsor this bill in the first place? >> rule of law, greta. the stories they tell, the outrageous fabrications and myths is unbelievable in in bill we've mirrored federal law. it is illegal to enter or remain in this country in violation of federal law. we've mirrored that. nobody has he raised 4th and 14th amendments we put profiling as an illegal issue in the bill. we could do tie it. we made sure people can't racial profile. these are the most outrageous stories. what we've done, very simply, i've watched over the years it get more and more violent. number two in the world in kidnappings, home invasion, carjacking, identity theft in the nation. officer atkins, officer martin, officer eagle, rob just murdered on the border. i just had a hearing for the ranchers on the border. half a day hearing on the senate. fences cut, cattle slaughtered, dogs killed, they are fearfu
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